Olympic National Park, Part 2

This National Park is amazing!  Sorry for the number of pictures in this post but it was so hard to choose. ALL these pictures were in the National Park!

We had a camp site right along the beach. With our senior national park pass it was $7.50/night. No hookups but with that view, who cares?

There we are on the far right.

For the grandkids. Papa caught fish from the ocean.

Sunset from the trailer.

The next morning.

A dead gray whale on the beach. Thankfully, our campsite was upwind. It was huge!

Hike at July Creek in the Quinault Rainforest. These were giant trees that had fallen down. 80% of the trees fall down in high winds.

Hike on Maple Glade Trail in Quinault Rainforest.

It may be difficult to see, but many of these plants were growing totally submerged under water.  We’ve never seen anything like it.

Bunch Falls.

Lunch spot along the Quinault River.

Merriman Falls.  It was breath taking!

Drive on a gravel road.

Can’t remember the name of this trail but it was beautiful. That is a tree that has wrapped it’s roots around a fallen tree.  The fallen tree is called a nurse.

Words and pictures cannot tell how beautiful this National Park is. If you have the chance, come see it for yourself.

Olympic National Park, Part 1

Maybe this is my favorite national park!  We took a hike to Hurricane Ridge. We heard that the views can be spectacular but it was pretty overcast. But it was still beautiful.

Narrow part of the trail. Yikes!

Walking through snow on the trail.

The view was still beautiful!

Hike through a rain forest to Marymere Falls.

Lake Crescent.

And another hike through a rain forest to Sol Duk Falls.  This was one of the most spectacular falls we’ve ever been to. There were three falls next to each other that converted into a narrow gorge covered with green moss and plants. Pictures don’t really do it justice.

And one more hike. We went through another rainforest to Madison Falls.  It wasn’t as spectacular as Sol Duc Falls but still impressive.

More adventures in Olympic National Park to come.  It’s hard to imagine that we will see any more beautiful sites than what we’ve seen these last two days.

North Olympic Penninsula

i forget the name of this place but we were camped right on the water.

Port Townsend.  Cute downtown but construction everywhere.

And then on to Sequim.  Our campground is across the street from this marina.

Dungeness River and beautiful hike to the beach.

Where’s the surf?

And an interesting B&B close to town. You stay in an old railroad car.  Most of them were cabooses.

Gig Harbor

The morning we left the campground in Anacortes, we went on a walk on this path in the campground.

What is interesting about this pathway is what the sea gulls used it for.  They have learned that they can break open clam shells by dropping them from high up (maybe 8 to 10 feet), breaking the shell open so they can eat the clam.  The sea gulls were flying all over, dropping their shells and eating the contents.  And making a mess. I thought it was fascinating.

I thought our grandkids would find this interesting.

Then on to Gig Harbor.  We spent one beautiful day here. In the morning we went to a nearby park called Point Defiance where we hiked through the forest.

This is the root ball of a fallen tree. It gives you an idea of how large the trees are.

We got in on the tail end of tulip season in Oregon but it was over by the time we got to Washington. But now the rhododendron are blooming and they are everywhere.

And then on to Gig Harbor.

Well worth the time spent here!

Coastal Living

From the Cascades we traveled west to La Conner/Anacortes area of northwest Washington. What a beautiful area this is!

We are standing at our campground looking into the trees where our trailer is.  We have a peekaboo view of the water from there.

Another beautiful beach.

Then on to Anacortes.  This is our view from inside the trailer.  Water views are my favorite!

Hilltop views of the town.

This coffee house/used bookstore was amazing.  It was huge and I’ve never thought of a used bookstore as being beautiful but this one was!

And my favorite picture so far.  This is the marina in Anacortes.

We took the car unto the ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

Cattle Point Lighthouse


Snow covered Olympia Mountains in the background

A lavender farm.  Unfortunately it won’t be blooming for a few months but it was still beautiful.

Lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park.

I don’t know what this plant is but it was very beautiful.

We drove by an alpaca farm. I hear they make great pets.

Even an oil refinery can be beautiful! Visible from inside our trailer.

Took the ferry to Orcas Island. We drove around the island, took some hikes and walked through the town of Eastsound. It was a lovely day.

Time to take a nap on the ferry back to Anacortes.